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Actions Paintball originally started back in 1994 by Kyn Jackson in Te Atatu North and ran successfully for many years at a great spot in Swanson. After it’s site was bulldozed for housing, we combined the service and systems of Actions Paintball with World Challenge Tag’s (WCT) great location in the Riverhead Forest. Actions Paintball hosted some of New Zealand’s largest tournaments as well as large format Scenario War games. Actions also sponsored many teams over the years and developed a best practice but has returned it’s focus on refereeing social games for fun for all players. By giving everyone compatible gear and using Excellent VForce goggles whether it’s your first outing or veteran you’ll enjoy fully “Paintball in the Forest.”

Since then we are now back at our Riverhead forest location which is New Zealand’s original and longest running paintball field.

Our business owner Kyn Jackson even played for the first time and later refereed at this original spot back at its induction in 1985.

“It’s wild to be back in the same spot 30 years later as it’s New Zealand’s original and longest running paintball field!” – Kyn Jackson

Since re-establishing World Challenge Tag, Kyn’s expertise on safety especially professional goggle systems and well layout playing fields keeps the good times going.

He has transformed the game from a wild firefight into a team game where contestants face many challenges such as teamwork and tactical positioning to test their team’s performance.

This makes for an ideal environment to challenge your company, group or party as teamwork and cooperation is the number one focus.

Located just 8 minutes from the end of the North-Western motorway, World Challenge Tag is Auckland’s only paintball field owned and operated by Kiwis in the forest.

“It’s wild to be back in the same spot 30 years later as it’s New zealand’s original and longest running paintball field!”

– Kyn Jackson


With over 30 years experience in the field of paintball, you can rest assured we’ve seen it all.

Finding the perfect balance between the old and the new, we feel that our status as veterans of paintball put us in good stead to provide the service we offer with safety being at a paramount.

Even our stag parties are safely run with emphasis on enjoying the day with your mates rather than just hammering the stag.

It’s just pure paintball, no gimmicks, simple.


Even though we are back at our original spot dating back to 1985 we have some exciting new features that we have developed over the years to greater enhance the user experience.

They are as follows:

  • Upgraded, state of the art goggles
  • Gloves for all players
  • SWAT vest body armour for ladies.
  • All guns chronographed (velocity measured) and slowed down for kids games (10 years+)
  • Re-mapped the fields to minimize overexertion
  • Referees involved in every game