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Auckland Paintball Club: Armageddon

Armageddon is back again at World Challenge Tag Paintball Riverhead Forest, a two day event were hundreds of paintballers gather for a big scenario game. Players come to Auckland from all over New Zealand with teams attending from Cook Islands & Australia. Connecting together many of WCT’s 19 playing fields, with challenging scenarios, it’ll be a weekend of great paintball. Event is held on 3rd & 4th March 2018 Run by Auckland Paintball Club, World Challenge Tag Paintball is happy to be a principle sponsor for this fantastic two day paintball event. This event is better suited for experienced players with ther own paintball equipment. For novice players, book your own private game at WCT Paintball and develop your skills before you attempt this event. Armageddon 2019 is back on at World Challenge Tag Paintball venue at Riverhead Forest. Planning is already under way to make Armageddon 2019 an even bigger event.

A variety of scenario games are played from strategic missile gathering formats to attackers verse defenders games. Auckland Paintball Club run their own Club Days at World Challenge Tag Paintball and are planning their own Christmas Party, End of year event there at Riverhead Forest.