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Capture the Flag, Paintball's classic game.

Paintball’s classic game; Capture the Flag

Paintball’s classic game of Capture the Flag, your team must out-wit your opponents and return the flag before time runs out. Photo taken on Wild West Field at World Challenge Tag Paintball in Riverhead Forest, Auckland. There are many tactics and strategies to win at Capture the Flag. These techniques are also taught at our school holiday programmes; Kids Camp and Tactical Ops.
Pre-game plan, prior to the start it’s important to have a plan, it’s easier to adapt an existing plan than to communicate a whole new plan, in Paintball the saying “No plan lasts longer than 10 seconds” emphasises the need to constanstly evaluate your plan an adapt as required. Leadership; Having two players with different ideas isn’t going to work, someone needs to be able to make the decision without debate, however an important part of leadership is to listen to advice for all players. Communication, this is a hard one to master, a big part of paintball is about being stealthy, so communication isn’t always verbal, hand signals are important when going into stealth mode. Team Work, Without Leadership, Game Plan or Communication then you’re just all doing your own thing which usually equates to your team’s downfall. Paintball is a popular Corporate Team Building Event as Team Work is vital. When you’re pinned down (unable to move or even return fire) knowing that your opponents out number you and are slowly working the angles against you, your time is limited, it’s nice to hear your coverman call “I’ve got you covered” and protect you. Camping is a defensive strategy that often fails in paintball, especially on short time format games, the camping strategy requires a counter attack once your opponents advance is halted, all to often you team has to cover a lot of ground with limited time. The old saying “who dares wins” take the challenge, get your mates together and head out to World Challenge Tag Paintball in Riverhead Forest Auckland and experience the excitment of our action packed sport, get into the Zone and Capture the Flag.