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WHAT: Scenario game, social tournament, team building, Milsim (military simulation)
WHEN: Book your own Team game any weekday or weekend, from early a.m. to late
WHERE: World Challenge Tag (WCT) Paintball, Riverhead Forest, North Auckland or Actions Paintball, Beachlands, East Auckland

Perfect for team building, our Create Your Own Event provides you with the chance to make your paintball event rise above the rest.

You could organise a competitive league, play a social game with colleagues, set up a game with some friends or simply try out some exciting military simulation.

Create a full or half-day event and we’ll both work towards marketing it. You can even consider our Generals Format game for large groups of 30+ players where members of your team who don’t wish to be in the line of fire can have a pivotal role in the game as Generals or Medics.

For example:

A law firm may wish to challenge other law & accounting firms to a 5-a-side or 10-a-side competition game.

You set the criteria (we’re on-hand as experienced consultants if you need ideas) and we’ll both promote the event – or we’ll do it all for you from ideas to game-plan. All matches fully refereed with full instruction given.

We have enough space and rental equipment for up to 250 players at Riverhead. It’s best to allow about a month to organise and market the event with special bonuses for the team that initiates the challenge.

Also ideal for MilSim style scenarios and experienced players with their own gear.

Large School Events are a speciality.