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Game Scenarios:

Our experienced team will put together a variety of Paintball Games to ensure each group has the best possible experience. Game modes and fields will be assigned according to group size, age, and skill level. Often starting with the classic game of Capture the Flag, our referees will assess each group before moving on to more challenging game formats and terrain.

Capture the Flag

Fields: All

Objective: Capture your opponents flag and return it to your own flag station without being “tagged”.

This game mode is suitable for both Elimination games (once tagged player is out) and Respawn games (player returns to play).


Centre Flag

Fields: All

Objective: Take the Flag to your opponents Flag Station.

Teams set out to capture the flag placed in the centre of the field and take it through to their opponents flag station without being “tagged”. This is a fast paced game of paintball which is best suited for smaller groups. It can be use for both Elimination and Respawn games.

Four Squad Challenge

Fields: Various

Objective: Capture and return as many flags as possible to your teams flag station.

Groups are split into four squads and each given a flag to defend with a bonus flag placed in the middle of the field. One point is given for each flag collected. After each game, squads rotate their start position. After four games (having played each start point), the points are added together to declare the winner.

Alternate Modes:

Attackers vs Defenders

One squad defends against the other three squads.

Round Robin

Two squads work together to capture flags. At the end of each game, squads are rearranged to work with a different squad.

Stag Hunt

Fields: Skirmish, Badlands, Northface, Bush Crash, Far East.

Objective: Eliminate the VIP

Scenario: A small team is sent out onto a larger Bush Field with the objective of avoiding the larger force team. Usually played as an Elimination Game with a time limit enforced. Frequently played during stag parties, but can be played with any larger group.

Attackers verse Defenders

Fields: Most

Objective: Eliminate all defenders and capture their base.

Scenario: A smaller team (Defenders) defend an area for a set amount of time, while the larger team (Attackers) attempt to capture the defenders base. A game of tactics suitable for small to medium sized groups.


Fields: All

Objective: Eliminate All Defenders within a limited time period.

Also known as “infected” or “zombies”, teams are split into a smaller team (The Infected) and a larger team (Defenders). If an infected is “tagged”, they are able to Respawn at a designated area. However, once a defender is ‘tagged’ they respawn join the infected team. Game ends when all defenders become infected or when time runs out.

Other Activities

WCT Archery Combat Arena:

  • Suitable for Ages 10+
  • Perfect option for Team Building or Corporate events.
  • Suitable for Birthday Parties for children (age 10+), teens and adults.
  • WCT Archery Combat is the archery version of ‘Dodge Ball’.
  • Arrows have soft foam tips 
  • Book an Archery Game on its own or do a Combo Package with a full Paintball Game.
  • May also be booked as a Combo with just a Paintball Target Range session.
  • Included in our Kids Camp and School Holiday programmes.
  • Must be booked in advance.

 Please Note that Bookings must be made in advance *

* Minimum of 6 Players


  • Archery Tag $25 per person  for a 1 hour session
  • Add Archery Tag to your Paintball Package for $20 per person 
  • Target Range (100 Paintballs) & Archery Tag Combo $50 per person

Confidence Assault Course: 

  • Experience the fun and challenge of our unique confidence course
  • Multiple activities and obstacles.
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of skill & fitness.
  • Develop Teamwork and Leadership Skills
  • Included in our Kids School Holiday Programmes
  • Perfect Add on for Corporate events & Team Building Exercises  


  • Climbing Rope, Balance Bars, Bar Hang, Ditch Climb, Triangle Rope Puzzle (traverse & climb), Climbing Wall, Climbing Fence, Uphill Tyre Run, Net Crawl, Net Climb. 


  • $10  per person as an add on to any Paintball Package *

 * Must be booked in advance



Target Range:

  • Ideal for first time players to hone their weapons skills and hit their target.
  • Can be arranged as a standalone activity, or pre-booked as a package with Archery Combat.
  • Ideal as an introduction to Paintball for those not yet old enough to play in a full game.
  • $35 including Mask, Paintball Gun, and 100 Paintballs

Wall of Death

  • Also called the ‘Splatter Cage’.
  • Messy, colourful, and a fun way to end your gaming experience
  • Popular send off for Stag Games 
  • Ask your Game Ref to make this a part of your gaming experience


The Venue

  • World Challenge Tag was established in 1985 and quickly became leaders in the New Zealand Paintball scene
  • Located on a 1000 acre site in the lush Riverhead Forest.
  • Over 20 generously sized fields to play on
  • Our venue includes: bush terrain, bridges, towers, forts, swamps, trenches, gullies, bunkers, villages and target range
  • The venue also hosts other activities such as Airsoft and Archery Tag

Create your own event

Whether it’s paintball, airsoft or any other outdoor event, World Challenge Tag can facilitate groups wanting to hire out the venue to arrange their own gaming experience. 

Conditions Apply. Please contact us for details


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