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Game Scenarios:

Players get to experience a range of game formats and fields to suit their skill level, often starting with the classic game: Capture the Flag before moving on to more challenging formats and terrain.

Capture the Flag

Field: All

Objective: Capture your opponents flag.

Scenario: Teams skirmish to capture their opponents flag and return it to their own flag station without being “tagged”. This is the classic game of paintball and can be played on any of our fields. Suitable for both Elimination games (once tagged player is out) or Respawn (player returns to play).

Centre Flag

Field: All

Objective: Take the Flag to your opponents Flag station.

Scenario: Teams skirmish to capture the flag placed in the centre of the field and take it through to their opponents flag station without being “tagged”. This is a fast paced game of paintball and can be played on any of our fields, although it does suit smaller teams better. Suitable for both Elimination games (once tagged player is out) or Respawn (player returns to play).

Four Squad Challenge

Field: Bunker

Objective: Capture as many flags as possible and return to your flag station.

Scenario: Teams are split into four squads and each given a flag to defend, a bonus flag is also placed in the middle. A point is given for each flag collected. After each game, teams rotate their start position clockwise and after four games (having each played each start point) the points are added together to declare the winner. Following this other squad based games can be played included attackers vs defenders where one squad defends against the other three with emphasis placed on squads working together as a team. Another alternative is for squads to be joined together in a round robin format (Gold/White verse Green/Red, then Gold/Red verse Green/White & Gold/Green verse Red/White completing the round).

Stag Hunt

Field: Skirmish, Badlands, Northface, Bush Crash, Far East.

Objective: Eliminate the VIP

Scenario: A small force is sent out onto a large Bush Field with the objective of avoiding the larger force sent out to find them. Usually played with a time limit and elimination rules for all players. Often played with our stag parties, but can be played with other VIP’s being hunted.

Attackers verse Defenders

Field: Compatible with most fields of play, with special features for this format on; Bunker, Wild West, Pyramid, Trench, North Face, Badlands (Tower Defence see picture) and others.

Objective: Eliminate all defenders to capture their base.

Scenario; A defence force (usually ratio 1:2 or 1:3) must hold an objective for a set amount of time, whereas the attackers must keep making progress to capture the base. If the attackers take early loses the advance will stall giving the win to the defenders. If the defenders don’t defend their flanks, the attacking players will pin them with crossfire and the defence will fall.


Field: All

Objective: Eliminate All Defenders.

Scenario; Similar to Attackers vs Defenders however this time it’s the smaller team that attackers. When ‘tagged’ the attacking player returns to their Respawn point after cleaning off splats at the safe room. Once a defending player is ‘tagged’ they respawn onto the attacking team. Virus is a battle verse time, once more and more defenders are recruited onto the attacking team the balance of power shifts to an all out attack. Virus is sometimes called Vampire or Zombie and can have subtle variations, always listen to your referee’s brief.

Other Activities

WCT Archery Combat Arena:

  • Archery Combat –  a fun option to include in Company Team Building events.
  • A great game for Birthday Parties: children (age 10+), teens and adults.
  • Run in its own arena, WCT Archery Combat is the archery version of ‘Dodge Ball’.
  • Think ‘Game of Thrones’ a bit of the ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Robin Hood; played in the forest using the trees as cover.
  • Using soft foam tipped arrows, teams line up to ‘tag’ their opponent or score the goal.
  • Players must work as a team to co-ordinate their strike as multiple shots are harder to dodge.
  • Book an Archery Game on its own or do a Combo Package with a full Paintball Game.
  • May also be booked as a Combo with just a Paintball Target Range session.
  • Also played as part of our Kids Camp and Tactical Ops School Holiday programmes each term.
  • Must be booked in advance.
  • Minimum age is 10 years.
  • Prices :
  • $35 per person (Archery Only, approx a 2 hour session),
  • From $65 per person (Combo Package with full Paintball Game),
  • $50 per person (Paintball Target Shoot Combo)
  • CALL NOW 0800 927 426 to enquire further or to book.

Confidence Assault Course:

  • Purpose built and designed to complement Paintball Activities.
  • Experience the fun, challenge and adrenaline rush of Milsim (Military Simulation) style confidence building and fitness training over multiple activities and obstacles.
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of skill & fitness.
  • Hone skills of Teamwork and Team Leadership. Develop balance and co-ordination.
  • Forge a shared camaraderie whilst problem solving and overcoming obstacles.
  • Deployed as part of our Kids Camp School Holiday Programme held each term.
  • Can be included as part of our Corporate TBX Programmes – collaborative Team Building Exercise events designed to enhance social relations, develop interpersonal skills and define roles within an organisation.
  • Can be included as a pre-booked, add-on feature at the beginning or end of any social paintball game.
  • Features: Climbing Rope, Balance Bars, Bar Hang, Ditch Climb, Triangle Rope Puzzle (traverse & climb), Climbing Wall, Climbing Fence, Uphill Tyre Run, Net Crawl, Net Climb.
  • $25  per group* to add on an Assault Course run to any social Paintball Game.
  • Note*: Price is as advertised, regardless of how many (or few) of your group chooses to do the booked Assault Course session.
  • For Kids Camp, EOTC School or Corporate TBX events, the Assualt Course session is built into the price of the Event.
  • Must be booked in advance of your game day. Call 0800 927 426 to book.

Target Range:

  • Ideal for first time players to hone their weapons skills and hit their target.
  • Can be arranged as a standalone activity, or pre-booked as a package with Archery Combat.
  • Ideal as an introduction to Paintball for those not yet old enough to play in a full game.
  • Players line up on the range, and aim and shoot at inanimate objects.
  • Also used often as a warm-up activity on booked social paintball games.

Wall of Death

  • Also called the ‘Splatter Cage’.
  • Messy, colourful, messy
  • A very Popular send off in Stag Games – Get 3 penalties in the game and you’re it.
  • The Stag – maybe with his Bestie – stand behind a mesh cage whilst the other members of their team fire at will.
  • Also popular in games where there is a VIP you want to single out for some special attention.
  • Arrange with your Game Ref on game day as part of the game plan!

The Venue

  • World Challenge Tag: established leaders in the New Zealand Paintball scene, fired into operation in 1985 and continue to dominate.
  • Located on a 1000 acre site in the lush Riverhead Forest.
  • Numerous, generously sized fields set amongst the trees.
  • Huge range of features and challenges for all, novice players to experienced & hardened challengers.
  • Paintball is an action-packed team based sport to get the adrenalin pumping and the wits working as you try to get the better of the opposing team.
  • Our venue includes: bush terrain, bridges, towers, forts, swamps, trenches, gullies, bunkers and a village and target range. Purpose built, exciting, no gimmicks.
  • We also have add-on activities: Archery Combat, Assault Course and the Kids Camp Holiday Programme as well as custom designed Corporate TBX (Team Building Exercise) Programmes.

Create your own event

Perfect for team building, our Create Your Own Event provides you with the chance to make your paintball event rise above the rest.

Organise a competitive league, play a social game with colleagues, set up a game with some friends or simply try out some exciting military simulation.

Create a full or half-day event and we’ll both work towards marketing it. You can even consider our Generals Format game for large groups of 30+ players where members of your team who don’t wish to be in the line of fire can have a pivotal role in the game as Generals or Medics.

Get a group of mates or colleagues together for a good game of paintball

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