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Kids Camp

Kids Camp

School Holiday Programme based around fun and adventure!

Two full days of fun and adventure at Kids Camp during Week 1 of the October School Holidays.

Run by experienced instructors to guide and assist , at Kids Camp, the participants will learn teamwork & leadership skills, orienteering, tracking, and accuracy with Paintball markers, Airsoft Guns and Archery Tag.   They’ll develop friendships, camaraderie and much more, while enjoying all the activities we have to offer.

Whether they’re crawling with stealth through the Zombie Lands undetected or battling their way through the Minecraft fields – we keep the activities and challenges rolling throughout both days.

They’ll be introduced to Paintball, Airsoft & Archery Tag games and showcase the skills they’ve learnt throughout the 2 days.

Kids Camp will leave them excited and enthusiastic for more!

Kids Camp

Is open to all young people from age 10 + years.  We welcome children of all abilities but each will need to be able to traverse unaided through the uneven terrain of the Riverhead Forest.  

We’ll provide all the gaming equipment, including

  • Paintballs/BB’s
  • Overalls and Camouflage clothing
  • V-Force Paintball Goggles (Masks)
  • Armoured Gloves
  • Body Armour

Kids Camp days all begin with

  • Issue of Goggles (Masks) and Gloves
  • Introduction 
  • Instructors Brief  on Rules and Safety
  • The importance of Responsibility, Trust, Care and Honour
  • Participants will be placed into their squads
  • Set off into the woods and begin the great Kids Camp Adventure

Safety & Instruction

  • Kids Camp is all about fun & adventure in a team sporting environment.
  • The Instructors and Referees are with the children at all times, to provide tuition, guidance, encouragement.
  • Safe behaviour and play is key, with regular Briefs by the instructors as they lead & supervise each activity.
  • All our equipment is industry standard and calibrated for younger players.
  • Kids Camp is an ideal environment to introduce youngsters to exciting and new sports of Paintball, Archery Tag & Airsoft.

Highlights of each Camp

  • Team Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills.
  • Paintball, Archery Tag & Airsoft  gear  and equipment training.
  • Paintball, Archery Tag & Airsoft  Gaming tactics and skills.
  • Squad Paintball, Archery Tag & Airsoft games
  • Target Range practice and aiming techniques.
  • Gaming skills.
  • Games and challenge exercises played throughout each day.
  • Day 2 will include a full day of gaming.  Day 1 is therefore definitely recommended.
  • Game on!


Kids Camp

2-Day Holiday Programme


NEXT CAMP: 2nd & 3rd of October 2019

  • Ages: 10-15 years
  • Camp Cost:
    $80 for 1 day (either day)
    $150 for 2 days
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Based: Opp 465 Old North Road, Riverhead Forest, Auckland


  • KIDS CAMP in the School Holidays
  • Places are limited.
  • Book your place now!
    Booking & Close off date is 30TH SEPTEMBER

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