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Kids Camp

World Challenge Tag Kids Camp – based around fun and adventure!

Become a WCT Cadet for the two full days of Kids Camp and rise to the challenge to be the best you can be.

Run by experienced instructors to guide and assist , you’ll learn teamwork & leadership skills, orienteering, tracking, and accuracy with  Paintball markers plus develop friendships, camaraderie and much more, all while enjoying the activities of  Paintball, WCT Archery Combat, Challenge Assault Course and Laser Tag in the vast Riverhead Forest, with other like-minded Kids Camp Cadets.

Whether you’re crawling with stealth through the Zombie Lands undetected, battling a way through the Minecraft fields, or working through the confidence building Assault Course or WCT Archery  Combat, there simple won’t be time to be bored – we keep the activities and challenges rolling throughout the day.

The finale of Camp is Day  Two when Kids Camp Cadets lead the charge during a full Paintball game. During this exciting Scenario event, you’ll deploy and showcase all the superior skills you learned at Camp, whilst working in and as a tactical unit, battling others for the Flag and the ultimate goal, Victory!

World Challenge Tag Kids Camp will leave you  excited and enthusiastic for more!

Kids Camp at World Challenge Tag

is open to all young people from age 10 years and upwards, including young to mid teens. We welcome children of all abilities but each  will need to be able to traverse unaided through the sometimes uneven terrain of the Riverhead Forest.

During the  2-day Camp, all  Campers will become  World Challenge Tag Cadets

Permissions and Supervision

a Permissions Form will have been sent to all parents/caregivers as part of the original booking and enrolment, to be handed in completed on  the first day of their child’s Programme.  Then, for each day of the Camp Week Programme on which their child is enrolled, parent/caregivers arrive at Field HQ from 8:45 to 9:00 am and sign their child in with the daily Indemnity (waiver) form. Qualified WCT instructors will stay with the children at all times for the duration of each day’s Camp until each child’s parentor caregiver arrives by 4pm to sign out and collect their child. No child will be permitted to leave the venue at any time during the course of the day or at the end of the day, without their named parent/caregiver or named pick-up persons (as per the Permissions Form).

What to Bring each day:

  • Hat (baseball cap being the best fit to go with the safety goggles)
  • Sunscreen
  • Lightweight long trousers
  • Lightweight long Sleeved top
  • Sweatshirt (if the weather turns cold)
  • Trainers or comfortable, sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Water for the day ­ (more water can also be purchased at WCT Field HQ)
  • Food for the day (including lunch and snacks)
  • Change of clothes (paintballs spalts & mud is often deployed)
  • Small backpack to hold all the above.

We’ll provide all the gaming equipment, including

  • Paintballs
  • Overalls and Camouflage clothing
  • Safety Goggles (Masks)
  • Armoured Gloves
  • Body Armour
  • Archery Equipment (foam-tip arrows, no pointy bits!)
  • Laser Tag equipment

Kids Camp days all begin with

  • Signing in with Indemnity Forms
  • Issue of Goggles (Masks) and Gloves
  • Introduction to World Challenge Tag
  • Instructors Brief  on Rules and Safety
  • What it is to be a WCT Cadet:  ­ Responsibility, Trust, Care and Honour
  • Squad Formations; all Cadets will be placed into their squads
  • Issue of their numbered Paintball marker (gun) which they carry with them throughout the day.
  • Set off into the woods and begin the great Kids Camp Adventure

Safety & Instruction

  • Kids Camp is all about fun & adventure in a team sporting environment.
  • The WCT Instructors and Referees are with the Cadets at all times, to provide tuition, guidance, encouragement.
  • Safe behaviour and play is key, with regular Briefs by the instructors as they lead & supervise each activity.
  • All our equipment is industry standard and calibrated for younger players.
  • Kids Camp is an ideal environment to introduce youngsters to exciting and new sports of Paintball & Archery and more.

Highlights of each Camp

  • Team Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills.
  • Paintball  gear  and equipment training.
  • Paintball Gaming tactics and skills.
  • Squad Paintball games
  • Target Range practice and aiming techniques.
  • Challenge Assault Course for confidence and problem solving.
  • WCT Archery Combat skills and gaming,
  • Laser Tag companion gaming (
  • Bush crash skills – stalking, stealth, tracking.
  • Orientation – use of a compass for searching and locating.
  • Games and challenge exercises played throughout each day.
  • Day 2 will include a full Paintball game
  • Game on!


E-itinerary Kids Camp

World Challenge Tag Kids Camp
2-Day Holiday Programme

paintball kids camp

    School Holidays 2017
    Week One at end of Term Three
    On Tue 3rd & Wed 4th October

  • Paintball Gaming & Skills
    Archery Skills & Combat
    Challenge Assault Course
    Laser Tag
  • Ages: 10 years and upwards
    (including young to mid teens)
  • Camp Cost:
    $90 for 1 day (either day)
    $170 for 2 days
  • Discounts for 2 or more children when booked together
  • Time: 9am drop off to 4pm pick up, daily
  • Based at: Old North Road, Riverhead Forest, Auckland
  • KIDS CAMP in the School Holidays during the School Year
    Held the the end of Term 1, 2 and 3.
    Places are limited.
    Book your place now!