Low Impact Paintball

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Low Impact Paintball

Suitable for Ages 7+

Head in and enjoy high adrenalin action with our low impact gear! Low impact next to no pain.

Create an experience to remember whether young or old you’ll enjoy an hour of battles where you only stop change game scenarios.

The low impact Valken Gotcha Paintball shotguns we use are specifically designed for kids. They use a spring rather than standard paintball marker which uses gas meaning there is much lower chance of marking of the skin. They’re made from tough plastic which is light weight enough for small children to use. The paintballs are held in a hopper (black, bean shaped storage, found on top of the shotgun) which holds up to 120 paintballs before needing to be refill. Reloads will be done between each match by your referee so you don’t need to during the battle.

You will require 8 players to play, if you fail to show with 8 players you will need to pay for 8.

Remember to bring appropriate footwear paintballs do travel fast and we are located in a forest so expect mud!

7-11 YEARS


12-15 YEARS




All prices include the 1 hour gaming fee, rental equipment of Mask/Marker/Gloves/Overalls and unlimited Low Impact Paintballs. A minimum of 8 people are required for a booking and all bookings are private.


Organizing a kid’s group event for their Birthday, sports team or just to have them outside in the fresh air.
Get the Early Bird Special for your EVENT and SAVE!



Terms and Conditions

Contact us and book your event, pre-pay $450.
Special includes:

  • 1 Hour of Low Impact Paintball for 10 children aged 7-11 years
  • Rental equipment of mask/marker/gloves/overalls & unlimited Low Impact Paintballs.
  • Unlimited Paintballs!

You will require 8 players to play, if you fail to show with 8 players you will need to pay for 8.

All Early Bird Specials are ONLY available one week before your booking is scheduled to play!

(Usual price $500 – save $50)
With the Early Bird Special, additional children may attend and pay the discounted rate of $45 per child on the day. Standard rates apply for additional participants 12+ years of age.
*Please note Early Bird Specials are not available for purchase on the day of attendance and are non refundable.  Early Bird Specials are also not available for Statutory Holidays and a 20% surcharge is applicable on all standard gaming fees.

Contact us to discuss options of holding in credit.


Protective Clothing

  • Camouflage Clothing $10 (overalls are included in pricing)
    Please note the protective clothing may not be perfect fit for your child. It will however prevent them from jumping back into your car with muddy clothing.