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Paintball Game: Hunt the Sniper, a paintball game where a large force forms a skirmish line and must search for the hidden snipers without walking into their ambush. Often played on the larger bush fields which offer both concealment for the snipers and challenging terrain the search party needs to cover. The use of camouflage is essential for Snipers to avoid detection. See fields:
World Challenge Tag Paintball was first established in1985 Riverhead Forest, a few minutes north of Auckland (Near Kumeu) and is Auckland’s longest established field. With 20 different battlefields, from Themed urban huts, forts and bunkers to larger dense bush fields. Plenty of options for both experienced and novice players.

Photograph showing Henry signalling to his squad that enemy are potentually nearby as he scans the foliage ahead. This was part of World Challenge Tag Paintball’s school holiday programme run in the holidays. Students from Colleges all around Auckland spend two days learning new skills in leadership, team work and paintball tactics. See and for more information on World Challenge Tag Paintball’s school holiday programmes. Also visit for information on these and other paintball events.  Using Mag-Fed paintball markers (also used in Corporate Team Building and Education outside the classroom – EOTC) players need to reload their magazine and makes for a far more tactical challenge. Social games of Paintball can also hire the Mag-Fed paintball guns – Go Tactical upgrade. This is recommended that everyone in the group uses them as this keeps it all even. Some extra time is required to reload the magazines and more games are played as the average number of paintballs fired per game is less than hopper fed which hold 200 paintballs. Playing paintball offers players an intense adrenalin rush, challenges their bush craft skills and encourages team work and communication.

Paintball Game: Hunt the Sniper

Henry Clears Zombie Land