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Group Events

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Great for team building
Semi – Automatic gun: Tippmann FT
Access to 20 different fields
Harness Belt to carry ammo*
Gun upgrade options available*

Min. 6 player groups*

Reign of Terror

1000 Paintballs
  • Student Discount price $115

Get the team out for the most memorable team event, in the heart of the River Head Forest.

Extensive gaming fields to suit large events.

Specialised games for all Corporate, work, team building or a staff group activity. Get an advantage over your competition by upgrading to the Tippmann A5 sniper and grab the camo gear to immerse yourself in the Riverhead forest.

New to the sport? We have you covered. This event is ideal for companies who want an all-inclusive team Christmas event, as we can cater to various levels of skill to each member. Check out the target range to developer your target practice to with the semi-automatic gun.

Check out our different game styles including, the classic capture the flag, virus and centre flag, among many more. Have the losers then face the wall of death!

Kids are also welcome (Age 10+).

We have 20 individual gaming fields at various levels of challenge and with many different features. We keep the fields updated and ensure they are exciting to play.



Armoured Gloves

Semi-Automatic Gun

Harness Belt to carry extra ammo

Body armour free for girls and kids under 13


Protective Clothing

Plain Overalls $5
Camouflage Clothing $10

Paintball Reload

Pod of 100 Paintballs $15
Bag of 500 Paintballs $70

Sniper Upgrades

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun $15

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun & Camo Clothing $20

Ultimate Sniper Upgrade

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun, Camo Clothing & 100 additional Paintballs $30