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Stag Do

Best send off for your BFF
Hens party
Private games in Auckland’s largest paintball fields
Semi – Automatic gun: Tippmann FT
Access to 20 different fields
Harness Belt to carry ammo*
Gun upgrade options available*

Min. 6 player groups*

Get your mates together for the ultimate send-off, play paintball in the amazing Riverhead forest.

This is an ideal activity to get you buzzing for the rest of the Stag day events!

Get an advantage over your mates by upgrading to the Tippmann A5 sniper and grab the camo gear to immerse yourself in the forest surroundings. Check out our different game styles including, the classic capture the flag, virus and center flag, among many more. Have the Stag then face the wall of death!

We have 19 individual gaming fields at various levels of challenge and with many different features. Bring it on with the stag hunt game where you try and Eliminate the VIP, best man or BOTH!



Armoured Gloves

Semi-Automatic Gun

Harness Belt to carry extra ammo


Protective Clothing

Plain Overalls $5
Camouflage Clothing $10

Paintball Reload

Pod of 100 Paintballs $15
Bag of 500 Paintballs $70

Sniper Upgrades

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun $15

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun & Camo Clothing $20

Ultimate Sniper Upgrade

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun, Camo Clothing & 100 additional Paintballs $30