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Teen Birthday Party

Ages 10 to 18

Private games in Auckland’s largest paintball fields

Armoured gloves provided

Goggles provided

Semi-automatic gun: Tippmann

BBQ and Picnic Area

8 Player groups *

World Challenge Tag Ultimate Teens Birthday adventure experience – Action packed, adrenaline pumping fun, at the largest paintball fields in Auckland. Go beyond the Xbox and PlayStation and experience this paintball experience in full force.

We have 19 individual gaming fields at various levels of challenge and with many different features. We keep the fields updated and ensure they are exciting to play on including Bunker, Badlands, skirmish, pyramid and the new Heartbreak Ridge. Check out or different game styles including, the classic capture the flag, virus and centre flag, among many more.

Safety is also first in mind, we give each group the run down on all the equipment and how it is used. In all packages we included safety gear such as Goggles, Armoured Gloves and provide body armour free for girls and kids (<13).



Armoured Gloves

Semi-Automatic Gun


Protective Clothing

Plain Overalls $5
Camouflage Clothing $10

Paintball Reload

Pod of 100 Paintballs $15
Bag of 500 Paintballs $70

Sniper Upgrades

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun $15

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun & Camo Clothing $20

Ultimate Sniper Upgrade

Tippman A5 Paintball Gun, Camo Clothing & 100 additional Paintballs $30