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Here at WCT Paintball, we believe in having fun but also in doing it the right way with the correct safety procedures in place.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself to these measures, terms and conditions before partaking in the paintball activities to save valuable playing time upon arrival.



  • Paintball Goggles must be worn correctly at all times on or near the playing fields.
  • Make sure that the goggle straps are tight and not loose.
  • Incorrectly worn, severe eye damage causing blindness can result.
  • Do not fire at anyone not wearing goggles.

Paint Markers:

  • At all times when not actually playing the game, a barrel sock should be placed over the end of the barrel to prevent a paintball from being fired accidentally.
  • Most paint markers have a safety switch as well, but if you’re not intending to fire, your finger should not be on the trigger.
  • No paint marker shall be fired outside of (or out of) the playing area.


  • All players must play in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner.
  • No physical contact, swearing or other aggressive behaviour is permitted.
  • No player shall fire upon spectators, referees, wildlife, neutral or eliminated players.
  • No player is permitted to consume alcohol during, or prior to, the game.


Deposit & Cancellation Policy

All bookings are subject to an advanced deposit of $65 to confirm and secure the booking.

This may be done by banking the required deposit to our bank account (at the bank or via internet banking) or providing us with Credit Card* details; authorising us to process the deposit charge to your card* (this is done over the telephone). Your deposit however paid, is returned to you as a credit (to your individual game or towards the full game cost of the group, as you choose) on game day.

Once your deposit is paid, your booking is confirmed  & secured. We then organise and mobilise our staff, including our Referees dedicated to your booking.

If you cancel your confirmed booking 48 hours or more prior to game day, we will refund your full deposit. (If you’d like to re-book for another date though, we’re happy to hold your deposit in credit  towards that new booking)

If you cancel your confirmed booking  within 24 hours prior to  game day a cancellation and administration fee of $5 may be levied against your  paid deposit, with the balance being refunded to you.

If you cancel your confirmed booking within 12 hours prior to game day a cancellation and administration fee of $15 may be levied against your  paid deposit, with the balance being refunded to you.

If you cancel your game less than 12 hours before game day, or cancel on game day with or without notifying us, a cancellation and administration fee of $65 applies and your deposit is forfeit.

A cancellation is considered to have been made  only once you have spoken to us directly or have emailed or texted us and have had a reply back from us.   If you are  contacting us to advise of a cancellation on a weekend day or on any day outside of office hours, please contact our mobile by direct call or text, to ensure we receive your cancellation notification.  We do not recommend you leave voice mail messages for cancellations as we may not pick up the message in time.

Please note: the Cancellation Terms above refer to periods of time prior to the booked game day, not to the booked game time.

*Credit Card is defined as the Credit Card or Debit Card or Bartercard used to pay the deposit. All major cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Bartercard New Zealand etc.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you require any clarification of these Terms & Conditions.
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Mobile / Text: 021 321 228

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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