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Paintball Straight up

Straight Up Paintball field with honest prices at World Challenge Tag Paintball, each game package includes the essential equipment needed to play paintball. Photo showing player with Straight up Hair on Bunker Field. When ducking down behind your cover remember a shot can lob in over the top so being just out of sight isn’t enough. Pony Tails or hair like in the picture can still be spotted above your cover and your opponent will use any advantage they can get. Lots of fun with the crew from North Shore Events Centre on Sunday at World Challenge Tag Paintball Auckland in Riverhead Forest. With 20 great fields at our Riverhead Forest site, from thick natural bush to scenario styled huts bunkers and Fort, plenty of cover for novice and experienced paintball players to challenge their gaming instincts.

Hopefully your hair won’t stand up on end but with the adrenadline flowing it’ll be the last thing on your mind. To see our range of paintball packages