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Tactical Ops

Tactical Ops; World Challenge Tag Paintball

World Challenge Tag Paintball  – Tactical Ops

Paintball Adventure and Skills  – Tips, Trick and Tactics to up your game!

Tactical Ops – Term 1, TBC:  Tactical Ops usually runs during the second week of the school holidays. However this year, Easter and Anzac Day are both crowding into that week, so we’re running Tactical Ops in Week One of the April Holidays instead, on the same dates as our popular companion programme, Kids Camp.

At Tactical Ops; World Challenge Tag Paintball, you’ll learn paintball skills: teamwork & leadership, coverfire, sniper skills and field deployment. You’ll experience two full days of action packed, adrenaline pumping fun. Ideal for students who are keen to explore and join the popular sport of paintball. Likewise perfect for those who have played before and now inspired to learn advanced skills to develop their game and knowledge.  Playing with like-minded team-mates, the friendships and camaraderie you develop can grow and last a lifetime. Great for younger players who have had a taste of the game already in our junior Holiday Programme Kids Camp or in private social games and who are now eager to level-up and go further!

DAY ONE: Learn Tactical theory and develop your individual playing skills and style. Put those skills to the test in Squad leadership strategies and team deployment whilst playing Archery Combat & Paintball.

DAY TWO:  Advance your tactical knowledge and use of the terrain whilst moving your squad through the forest. Individual skills will be honed as your team is challenged with many games and scenarios played throughout the day.

Fun, Fast, Exciting!

ABOUT US:  We’ve over 30+ years experience in offering Auckland superior paintball gaming opportunities, furthermore still as passionate about the sport as ever.  Our mission: to introduce more players to the sport;  to share and pass on, our knowledge, skills and enthusiasm, likewise we have a great team of experienced instructors to work with and alongside, as you learn not only game styles and equipment handling, more importantly teamwork & leadership skills, developing friendships and camaraderie with your fellow Tactical Ops team members.

THE VENUE:  Tactical Ops is based at our large World Challenge Tag Paintball venue in the Riverhead Forest, Auckland (near Kumeu).  We have 20 individual gaming fields at various levels of challenge and with many different features. We continually strive to keep the fields updated, current and overall,  exciting to play on – including  Bunker, Badlands, Skirmish, Pyramid, Battlebox, Trench. East Village, and Wild West.

World Challenge Tag  – Tactical Ops

Challenge accepted…….

TACTICAL OPS  is open to students 12+ years. We welcome people of all abilities but each will need to be able to traverse unaided through the sometimes uneven terrain of the Riverhead Forest. For younger players age 13 years and younger who are without any prior Paintball gaming experience, we recommend first attending our junior holiday Programme; Kids Camp ages 10-13 years – learn more.

As part of your Tactical Ops Package, we’ll provide all the gaming equipment, including:

  • Paintballs
  • Overalls and Camouflage clothing
  • VForce Goggles (Masks)
  • Armoured Gloves
  • SWAT Vests/Harness

Tactical Ops days begin with

  • Signing in with Indemnity Forms
  • Issue of Equipment
  • Introduction to the venue and overview of the day’s programme
  • Instructors Briefs on Rules and Safety
  • What it is to be a a Tactical Ops squad member: ­ Responsibility, Trust, Care and Honour
  • Team & Squad Formations
  • Tactical Ops – Game On!

Safety & Instruction

  • Tactical Ops is all about fun & adventure in a team sporting environment.
  • The WCT Instructors and Referees are with the team at all times, to provide tuition, guidance, encouragement.
  • Safe, responsible, behaviours and play is key, with regular Briefs by the instructors as they lead & supervise each mission.
  • All our equipment is industry standard and calibrated.

Highlights of each Tactical Ops

  • Advanced Paintball Gaming tactics and skills.
  • Paintball gear and equipment handling.
  • Squad & Scenario Paintball games.
  • Target Range practice and aiming techniques.
  • Advanced Bush skills – stalking, stealth, tracking.
  • Team Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills.
  • Games and challenge exercises played throughout each day.

Visit the Kids Camp Page:

Kids Camp

Tactical Ops
Paintball Adventure & Skills


    WEEK ONE of Holidays


  • Tactical Ops; World Challenge Tag Paintball
  • Paintball Gaming & Skills Training.
  • Ideal for older students keen to learn and develop advanced Paintball skills & gaming techniques.
  • Ages: Students age 12+ years
  • Programme Cost:
    $90 for 1 day (Wednesday only)
    $170 for 2 days
  • Discount for 2 or more  when booked together.
  • Time: 9am muster (arrival) to 4pm finish, daily.
  • Based at: Old North Road, Riverhead Forest, Auckland.
    during the School Year.
  • Held the end of Terms
    1, 2 and 3.
  • Places are limited.
    Book your place now!